Comfort Zones and Fresh Air

To understand the inspiration of this blog post, I have to take you back to December of 2017. Going to the #OVA (Our Voice Academy) was a moment that changed my life. I met some amazing educators from all over the United States. This was the moment where I learned that I have a strong […]

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OVA and Techquity For All

Over the last three months, I have had an awakening that has transformed my teaching career in ways that I’ve never imagined. In December, I was invited by Jennie Magiera to participate in the Our Voice Academy (OVA). The purpose of this academy was to provide access, visibility and leadership to teachers of color on […]

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Unknown by Elizabeth White

“I can’t be a scientist. I’m black.” Rewind 10 years. August. Grade 7. Science. Room 111. 3rd block. Left side. 2 seats back. The sound waves of these quietly uttered words vibrating at nearly 343 m/s into my ears, and settling upon my heart with immeasurable weight. Sadness. For 2/3 of this child’s life, electromagnetic waves […]

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Digital Divide by Terence White

Is there a digital divide in our schools? This is an important question that has to be addressed by the leaders in school districts throughout the nation. Before we get into the importance of the digital divide in schools, what is the digital divide? A digital divide is the gap between different demographics and regions […]

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