Relationships Matter by Terence White

As I am walking through the Walmart parking lot, I am wearing a shirt that says #KidsDeserveIt.What does that exactly mean? As educators, we should know exactly what this means. This means that we do whatever it takes to help our students. Over the past couple of weeks, I have had the pleasure to join a Voxer  group where I have been talking to some amazing educators throughout this country and there is a theme between every single one of us: we really care about students and we want all of our students to succeed regardless of who they are. To most educators, this is common sense, but unfortunately this is not always true! One of the discussions that I had, almost brought me to tears. There are teachers who are giving out 3 to 5 referrals a day to kindergarten and first grade students (yes, you read that correctly)! In addition, there was a first grader who was suspended for a total of 60 days (that is not a typo). Kindergarten and first grade students!! This is unacceptable because this is the time where you are starting to build those relationships and shoulder young minds that school is a safe and great place to be. Some of these young students come from horrible home environments and school is the only place where they feel like they can be themselves. It is critical that we build a strong relationships with the students. What perplexes me, is that there are teachers who still don’t understand the importance of relationships in the classroom! There are some teachers who are obsessed with their curriculum and put relationships on the back burner. As I run around my house chasing around my 4 and 2 year old children, my greatest fear is they get a teacher who does not care about building relationships. Building relationships is the core of my family.

As educators, we are given an important responsibility to educate the future of this great nation.  By helping students feel valued, safe and empowered. This is possible through building relationships.

This responsibility should not be taken lightly and is more than just a job.

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